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Hugsy’s smart baby blanket mimics a parent’s heartbeat to comfort newborns

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Every parent knows that caring for their baby is their biggest priority. It is also widely known that babies develop best when parents hold them close within their arms. The bond improves brain development, reduces stress, provides better sleep, and increases immunity.

Hugsy is a new startup that has created a better baby blanket. Using its smart blanket, the benefits of a mother or father’s embrace lasts even when a parent can’t be nearby. It provides warmth, smell, and a unique heartbeat to provide key aspects of a parent’s presence.

The idea behind Hugsy is kangaroo care. This is a type of developmental care that centers around holding a baby skin to skin on the bare chest. Holding a baby in such a way is important in development, especially for those born prematurely. Benefits include reduced stress, deeper sleep, boosted parent-child bonding, improved breastfeeding, more weight gain, increased immunity, and overall brain development. Doctors recommend at least an hour of kangaroo care a day.

With Hugsy’s smart baby blanket, a parent’s scent, warmth, and unique heartbeat are picked up during these special cuddling moments. When it is time for the baby to go back in the crib, the smart blanket is able to continue providing these three key aspects of the parent’s embrace.

Starting in October, the Hugsy Home can be ordered online for babies up to three months in age. It can also smooth the transition from the hospital to home for premature babies. Shipments expect to go out by spring 2018 in the Dutch market. Other European countries and North America will follow shortly after.

Hugsy Hospital is a special model designed specifically for premature babies. It will take a little longer to make it to market, but has already tested well in the Maxima Medical Center in Veldhoven, the Netherlands. Another round of trials begins this fall in four hospitals across that country. These tiny babies benefit the most from kangaroo care and the prolonging benefits of Hugsy.

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