Ikea’s newest furniture line can be assembled without any tools

ikea new furniture line no tools screen shot 2014 10 02 at 3 03 20 pm

In a move that might signal the end of an era, Ikea has recently unveiled a new line of flat-pack furniture that doesn’t require a single tool in order to assemble. The company’s new Regissör line does away with all the screws, bolts, and Allen wrenches in favor of an innovative new system of slide-in dowels. We’re not sure if the company plans to adapt its existing furniture lines to incorporate this new tool-free design, but we’re definitely keeping our fingers crossed.

In addition to relieving you of the tool bag and making it possible to assemble everything with your bare hands, the Regissör mostly eliminates the risk of any components being missing from the package. In essence, this translates to drastically lower odds that you’ll get stuck halfway through assembling your new coffee table, going into Hulk mode, and throwing a table leg through your living room window.

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The company claims that with this new system, you can assemble some pieces in as little as five minutes. We’ll believe it when we see it, but the video does make the process look quite easy. Check it out below to see for yourself.

The Regissör line isn’t available for purchase quite yet, but when it hits stores later this month, it’ll reportedly include a bookshelf, a set of cabinets, and a coffee table. Additional pieces are reportedly planned as well, and are expected to roll out beginning in spring of 2015.