IKEA now brews its own beers, but do they complement Swedish meatballs?

ikea now brews its own beer but does it complement swedish meatballs ol mork lager

Who here wants to admit they sometimes go over to IKEA just to get some affordable lunch? No need to be ashamed, IKEA is proud of its dining establishment and the cheap, delicious food offerings. Now, you might even be able to complement your plate of Swedish meatballs with a cold bottle of beer, brewed and branded by the furniture giant itself.

ikea now brews its own beer but does it complement swedish meatballs ol ljus lagerThe Öl Mörk Lager translates literally into “dark lager beer,” and is a 4.7 percent ABV beverage in a 12-ounce bottle. Sold at £1.75, or approximately $2.75 USD, Öl Mörk Lager is only available in select stores across the United Kingdom with no clear plans of when the product will head to other parts in Europe or the United States.

According to reviews on the online beer enthusiast community Untappd, the beer is just a bit above average in taste, ranking at 3.46 out of 5 (from 11 reviews so far). One user describes it as “smokey with crisp hops” while another believes it tastes “very sweet, bit like an under attenuated Dark Lager.” Not terrible comments for an IKEA-brewed beer, if we say so ourselves. Of course, these reviewers also seem to be drinking it for the sake of curiosity and seem surprisingly pleased.

Conversely, a regular lager option is also available if you don’t like dark beers. Öl Ljus Lager offers the same alcohol content per volume, though reviewers are a bit more tough on this product. “Beer from a bottle that tastes like cheap beer from a can,” writes one Untappd user of the 3.41 out of 5-rated beer (from 9 reviews). Yikes.

While the beers certainly don’t seem like something you’ll want to buy crates of, they might still make a nice addition to your IKEA food stop before fumbling trying to understand IKEA pictographs. Hey, just be glad you don’t have to assemble this together on your own if you ever get the chance to get your hands on it. If alcohol is not your preferred drink of choice, IKEA also offers a ton of other interesting sounding beverages in its drinks section. Rosehip drink, anyone?