Impossible Instant Lab converts iPhone photos into polaroid prints

Impossible Instant Lab camera

Chances are, if you are a connoisseur of instant photography or even just film photography, you’ve heard of The Impossible Project. The company manufactures film for Polaroid cameras long after Polaroid discontinued making the accessory to its famous product — albiet for an expensive price tag. The Impossible Project has also produced a few instant film cameras in place of original Polaroids, but in keeping with the digital age, the Project is now introducing the Impossible Instant Lab, a scanner-meets-Polaroid printer that turns your iPhoneography into physical prints.

impossible instant lab converts iphone photos into polaroid printsThe Impossible Instant Lab works by using an extendable telescope top that cradles your iPhone with the screen side down. Using The Impossible Project app, you select your desired photo and place it in the slot, then wait for the Instant Lab to expose the photo from your iPhone screen onto a instant film. After that, push the print button and it’s just a matter of seconds for the film to develop. Now, you don’t have to add a digital white border for the Polaroid look but enjoy it in its authentic form.

The lens on the Impossible Instant Lab is designed to read and appreciate your iPhone’s retina display, so the flashes from the printer won’t do much to hurt the quality of your iPhone screen. Both the app and the camera/printer also allow those who may not be familiar with how to properly expose film to get great instant photo results without much technical knowledge.

The Impossible Project is offering the public their opportunities to be some of the first to own the Impossible Instant Lab via Kickstarter — with a modest goal of $250,000. At the time of press, the funding has already reached more than $218,000 before the October 8th due date, so it’s definitely likely the project will proceed. To get your own starter kit, you’ll have to contribute $230 for the pre-sale price. Some limited $190 early bird pledges are still available, but probably not for long. If you’re feeling fancy, there’s also a $2,000 Gold Edition for a, you guessed it, gold-painted Impossible Instant Lab that comes with a personal engraving on the product, 10 packs of instant film, and a Founders tour of the Impossible Project.

No word on whether the item will be adaptable to Android users who may also want to get in on the instant film meets digital love, but it couldn’t hurt to can get some momentum going for the rest of us who are part of the Android Army.

Watch the video below to see The Impossible Project founder Florian Kaps demonstrate the Impossible Instant Lab.