Incase dresses up headphone line for summer

incase dresses up headphone line for summer news audio family hiWe balked a little bit at Incase’s decision to interject itself into the headphone marketplace, but after our review of its full-size Sonic headphones, it’s clear that the company has something unique to offer amidst a rampant influx of phoned-in headphone offerings: design. 

The Sonic remain the most comfortable pair of over-ear headphones we’ve ever tested. The headphones’ suede-covered memory foam ear pads, amply padded headband, ultra-light weight and rubbery, matte finish combine to make for a set of cans one can be proud to show off and pass around. Though their sound quality wasn’t to our somewhat persnickety taste, much time and effort was put into creating a signature sound that we incase dresses up headphone line for summer ec30029 audio reflex htrdflntstne detail webthink will find favor to certain kinds of listeners.

Now, InCase has released an updated version of each of its headphone models by dressing them up in summer-friendly colors. The Sonic have been updated with an off-white finish — a welcome (if only slight) change to the model’s previous color scheme. The remaining three models have received bolder color changes. 

The on-ear Reflex model is now outfitted with dark denim around its flexible steel headband, while the rest is clad in a hot-red version of its coated canvas material. The Pivot, Incase’s alternate on-ear model, sports either a green or pink color scheme with ear cups that fold flat for easy storage. Finally, the in-ear Capsule are now available in an eye-catching combination of bright purple and hot pink. 

The newly colored headphones are available now at Incase’s website and will be available at Apple Stores nationwide starting tomorrow.