Inotherm’s beastly front doors put yours to shame

inotherms beastly front doors put shame inotherm

Despite the fact that your front door –the gateway to your kingdom– is arguably one of the most important features of your house, it’s most likely underwhelming. Unless you did some research and sprung for a high-end one, the thing hanging from the hinges of your entryway is probably built out of thin steel, wood, or even worse — steel disguised as wood. Most doors offer little in the way of insulation or noise blocking, and can easily be kicked in by intruders, but Inotherm‘s doors are different. 

Core 77 spotted these doors at the Holz-Handwerk trade show in Germany, and not only are they pretty beastly in terms of build quality, they’re also fairly easy on the eyes. Designed and built in Slovenia, the doors are constructed from a 3mm-thick sheet of folded aluminum with a polyurethane core sealed inside. This way, they offer a winning blend of both thermal and sound insulation, but are also sturdy and lightweight. Furthermore, the escutcheons are made of stainless steel and designed to protect the door from drilling and turning, so even intruders armed with power tools won’t be able to breach the walls of your castle.

For the more technologically-minded consumer, Inotherm also offers doors outfitted with network-enabled locks that you can control with your smartphone, or biometric fingerprint scanners for people who lose their keys all the time. 

Aesthetically, they’re a bit more futuristic than your average door, so while they’d likely be out of place on an older, more vintage home, they’d probably look swell on most modern residences.

Unfortunately, Inotherm just unveiled the doors earlier this week, so at this point there’s no word on when they’ll be available or how much they’ll retail for. We’ll keep you posted on availability, but in the meantime you can find out more here