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Save $70 on this electric standing desk with integrated cable management

A laptop on the Insignia Adjustable Standing Desk.

Standing desks provide several benefits for people who often find themselves sitting for several hours. If you want to try working with one, you should check out Best Buy’s offer for the Insignia Adjustable Standing Desk. You can get it for a discounted price of $230 because it’s part of the retailer’s early Black Friday deals. The $70 in savings on its original price of $300 probably won’t stay available until the shopping holiday though, so if you’re thinking about taking advantage of this bargain, it’s highly recommended that you complete the purchase as soon as possible.

Why you should buy the Insignia Adjustable Standing Desk

The Insignia Adjustable Standing Desk may be used at a height of 28.7 inches for when you’re sitting, and up to 48.4 inches when you’re standing, to enjoy the benefits of the best standing desks that address several health concerns. You’ll be able to easily increase or decrease it height using an electric switch, so you won’t have to manually raise or lower the desk. It features anti-collision technology that prevents damage to the standing desk and to the objects around it by automatically reversing its movement if it hits an object while you’re operating the electric switch.

There’s more to the clean and modern look of the Insignia Adjustable Standing Desk, as it comes with a built-in cable management system that will reduce the clutter on its tabletop so you can maximize its space of 47.2 inches by 23.6 inches. The standing desk is also sturdy, with a steel frame that can hold up to 110 pounds of weight, so you won’t have to worry if you have to pile your computer, books, and other items on it.

Improve your overall health by shopping standing desk deals like Best Buy’s $70 discount for the Insignia Adjustable Standing Desk. Instead of $300, you’ll only have to pay $230, which is a small price to pay if it means avoiding health risks from sitting down too long like lower back problems and slowed metabolism. It’s one of the retailer’s early Black Friday deals, but we’re not sure if it will still be around when the shopping holiday comes along. If you can purchase it right now, you probably should, just to make sure that you’re able to pocket the savings.

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