Instacube is a digital photo frame feeding real-time Instagram pictures

Instacube Instagram photo frame

Personally, I find that digital photo frames are a waste of electricity. Who wants to look at the same photos repeating itself over and over again, only to manually replace the memory card with new photos every so often? The introduction of Instacube addresses this issue: instead of adding photos to a digital frame yourself, Instacube will update your photos in real-time, reading off your Instagram feed based on the friends you follow, photos you’ve liked, or just your own pictures.

Instacube wireless digital photo frame for InstagramThe completely wireless digital photo frame looks similar to the Instagram logo itself, displaying pictures three times the size of what you might find on your mobile phones. The LCD touchscreen frame allows users to sift through photos as they’re fed to the frame in real-time, and connects to the Web via Wi-Fi. You can set Instacube to show photos of a certain hashtag so you can discover new photos in a faster pace of updates. To “like” a photo that you randomly come across on the giant display, there’s even a designated heart-shaped button at the top to give those photos some lovin’.

Instacube, currently a Kickstarter project, aims to not only market as a home decor item, it also wants companies to start embracing the technology in their businesses. For example, a clothing store could advertise a certain hashtag and for every photo a customer uploads with that keyword, their pictures would display in the store’s Instacube. These photos can be entered as part of a contest or campaign to promote brand visibility. This possibility of branding and interactivity makes Instacube not only your average digital frame, it might actually be fun to play with.

Instacube has 4GB of internal memory — should you want to display your own pictures — runs in 256GB of RAM, and has a 7.5-inch screen displaying 600 x 600 pixel resolution. It will run on rechargeable lithium ion battery so you can carry and move it around as you please. No word on how long the battery actually lasts before it needs a recharge.

To own an Instacube, should the Kickstarter succeed in one month’s time, you’ll have to fork up $99 of funding to receive your first edition of the wireless digital frame. These limited edition, discounted frames are quickly running out, and once they do the frames will begin to cost $149 apiece. The creators aims to launch Instacube in the second quarter of 2013.

Watch the video below to learn more about Instacube.