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Internet of Things (IoT)

Apple HomeKit ecosystem

How to turn your iPad into smart display

Learn how to set up your iPad as a smart display and HomeKit Home hub. Also find out why you might want to enable Guided Access.
Ecobee smart thermostat installed on wall next to woman walking down stairs.

7 things you didn’t know your smart thermostat could do

Smart thermostat features run deeper than you might have first thought. Let's dig into some of the most interesting things you can do with them.
A person using a smart light switch.

How to install a smart light switch

If you know the steps, installing a smart light switch is a relatively painless process. Check out our complete guide on how to install a smart light switch.
Philips Hue Appear Outdoor smart light.

Smart lighting voice control guide

Having voice-activated lights is one of the hallmarks of a truly modern home. Learn the ins and outs of how it works here and how to use Philips Hue lights.
Roborock S7+ cleaning floor with autodock in background.

The best robot vacuums with Siri support

Today's leading robot vacuums can interact with a many popular voice assistants, including Siri. Here are four models that are compatible with Apple's Homekit.
Ambient lighting in a bedroom with the Philips Hue lighstrip.

This Philips Hue Lightstrip Starter Kit just got a huge discount for Black Friday

This Philips Hue Lightstrip Starter Kit is perfect for those looking to spruce up their house with smart and vibrant lighting -- at a massive sale of $41 off!
Smartthings Energy App

Samsung SmartThings can now monitor your home’s entire energy consumption

Samsung has expanded the SmartThings family to include three new partners that are dedicated to home energy monitoring and management.
Laptop on Amazon surrounded by boxes of tech gear.

Even more Amazon Black Friday deals just dropped — what to buy

We're looking at awesome Amazon Black Friday deals on tablets, wireless headphones, smart-home assistants, and more.
The Philips Hue app.

How to use Philips Hue lights with geofencing

Philips Hue's app now allows you to use your exact location to turn lights on or off automatically when you arrive or leave home. Here's how to do it.
Woman having glass of wine with Govee Smart LED light bulb on.

Investing in illumination? Here’s why budget bulbs may be your best bet

There are hundreds of smart light bulbs and lighting kits on the market, but what brands should you invest in? Our expertise says stick with the budget brands.
Ring Indoor Cam on a table.

How to prevent your Ring smart cameras from being hacked

Here are some simple ways to keep hackers from using your Ring smart cameras and invading your privacy at home -- even if you have many users on the account.
samsung new smart fridge lets you chat with alexa bixby family hub

Samsung SmartThings is the latest ecosystem to join the Matter protocol

Samsung's SmartThings platform is the latest to join the Matter protocol. This addition means Matter will work with Samsung devices starting in 2022.
spooky halloween lighting haunted house

How to create spooky Halloween effects with smart home lighting and sound

Up your Halloween decorating game this year by using smart home lighting and sounds to spook your neighbors and trick-or-treaters.
Apple HomePod mini on table

New HomePod Mini colors expose how stale Apple’s smart home lineup has become

Apple's HomeKit lags needs more than just new accessory colors if it hopes to compete with Amazon and Google in the smart home space.
Philips Hue sync box.

Philips Hue vs. Philips WiZ Smart Light Bulbs

Philips Hue and Philips WiZ are easy to mix up since they're both smart light bulbs, but they aren't interoperable. Here's how to pick between one or the other.
hubble mirrored galaxy stsci 01ffjer4zps9v9yfpbhrb7p5wj 1

Mystery of a strange, mirrored double galaxy solved using Hubble data

A strange object discovered in 2013 seemed to show two perfectly mirrored galaxies. Now astronomers have figured out why.
Eve MotionBlinds slightly pulled down in living room setting.

Eve MotionBlinds are HomeKit-enabled smart blinds with Thread support

The new Eve MotionBlind motors combined with HomeKit and Thread simplify installation, reduce energy usage, and much more.
iRobot Roomba i3 Plus dirt disposal unit

Is it worth it to buy a self-emptying robot vacuum now?

Shopping for a robot vacuum and wondering if a self-emptying robot is worth it? Here's what to consider.
Apple HomeKit app on smartphone.

Apple HomeKit has both the best and worst installation setups. Here’s why.

Apple's HomeKit simultaneously has one of the best and one of the worst installation processes, but it also shows the promise of what smart home could be.
Philips Hue and Spotify

Your Philips Hue lights can now sync to the beat of your Spotify music

Philips Hue has partnered with Spotify for a more streamlined, immersive music and light experience.
A person watching a Samsung TV.

In defense of the Samsung TV kill switch

When TVs are stolen, connected cars run amok, and the robot revolution threatens humanity, you'll wish we had a way to simply turn things off.
ring video doorbell alternatives simplisafe pro

The best Apple HomeKit video doorbells for 2022

Video doorbells keep your home safe from burglars and package thieves. Boost security and add convenience with these HomeKit-enabled models.
A display of LED light strips.

How to use smart lights to up your photography skills

Whether you're a tried and true photographer or an aspiring camera operator, you can use smart lights to add flair to any shoot. Here are a few suggestions.
twinkly line review smart led light strip 3 of 10

Twinkly Line review: Dazzling light show, short on length

The Twinkly Line not only changes colors but there are special effects to choose from to make this LED light strip dazzling to the eyes.
twinky flex review twinkly 8 of 10

Twinky Flex review: The neon wall light that bends all the rules

The Twinkly Flex is a year-round smart wall light that dazzles with unique designs and bright colors. You'll be mesmerized by the hypnotic light effects.
homepod mini comparison homepod google home amazon dot 2

6 annoying things that smart speakers do and how to fix them

Smart speakers can do everything from music streaming to remotely locking doors, but that doesn't make them perfect. Here are six annoying glitches we've found.
4th of July lighting as brought to us by Philips Hue.

Outdoor smart lights are best for expressing your patriotism this 4th of July

Looking for a way to avoid a major fireworks purchase this year? Outdoor smart lighting is a great way to replace that pyro in the sky. Read on to see how.
walmart drops prices on google home hub with nest thermostat and security camera learning

How a smart thermostat can protect your home from brownouts

Notice your lights are dimmer in a heatwave? It may be a brownout. Fortunately, a smart thermostat can help you keep your home's voltage strong and consistent.
homepod mini comparison homepod google home amazon dot top angle

4 reasons to look forward to Apple HomeKit and Matter collaboration

Matter represents a major joining of hands across the smart-home landscape, but what does that mean for the future of Apple HomeKit? Here's what we think.

The best robot vacuums under $200

When purchasing a robot vacuum, one of the biggest deterrents is too high a price. We’ve listed our picks for the best robot vacuums you can buy for under $200.
apple siri homekit update ios 15 news wwdc 2021 home overview copy

Siri’s coming to third-party devices with latest HomeKit update

Apple's HomeKit smart home platform is focused on the HomePod and Siri compatibility, pushing the company to a better standing in the smart home market.
The Philips Hue app.

Philips Hue smart light app revamped, adds geofencing capabilities

A rework of the Philips Hue app adds new features for Hue lighting, including the ability to add geofencing capabilities to lights to avoid scheduling problems.
Ten areas in the sky were selected as “deep fields” that the Dark Energy Camera imaged several times during the survey, providing a glimpse of distant galaxies and helping determine their 3D distribution in the cosmos. The image is teeming with galaxies — in fact, nearly every single object in this image is a galaxy. Some exceptions include a couple of dozen asteroids as well as a few handfuls of foreground stars in our own Milky Way.

Enormous sky survey creates the most accurate map yet of universe’s dark matter

A project called the Dark Energy Survey has observed more than 226 million galaxies to help unravel the mystery of dark matter.
google teams with matter partnership

Smart home fragmentation may become thing of the past thanks to Matter protocol

Tired of having to use multiple device apps to run your smart home? Google and a handful of other smart tech developers have big plans for unifying smart gear.