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Expertly craft the perfect cup of coffee with the Invergo pour-over system

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As automated coffee companies like Keurig and Nespresso continue to assert their java brewing dominance, industrial engineer Cameron Hughes is attempting to elbow his way into the industry with a unique take on finely crafted coffee. Dubbed Invergo, the Garden City, New York entrepreneur’s proposed machine aims to give owners absolute control over each and every variable that goes into brewing a pot of coffee. From adjusting the brew volume and steeping time to setting an exact temperature for the water used, Invergo looks to be any coffee aficionado’s dream machine.

Launched this week on the popular crowdfunding site Indiegogo, Hughes’ Invergo system looks to not only revolutionize the way people customize their daily cup of joe but to also make traditional drip coffee machines a thing of the past. While your run-of-the-mill brew system typically makes use of a six-point saturation system, the Invergo will deploy a unique motion technology which moves in a hypotrochoid saturation pattern to guarantee the perfect extraction of every brew.

“Ordinary coffee machines have a static shower head [and] because of this, they don’t evenly saturate the grounds,” said Hughes in the campaign’s video on Indiegogo. “Invergo is different. It uses a patented motion brew technology, a single stream of water moving in a hypotrochoid pattern. This creates turbulence and ensures the coffee grounds are evenly saturated. MotionBrew is like having your own personal barista brewing the perfect cup of coffee every time.”

To customize the brew, Invergo features a small touchscreen display which allows owners to quickly alter any of the machine’s settings. Additionally, due to the construction of the device itself, any kind of brew apparatus is compatible with Invergo, meaning any pour-over device, travel mug, or custom carafe easily fits underneath the Motion Brew.

And what would an innovative coffee machine be without a cold brew feature? Hughes smartly included this popular feature in the machine, allowing anyone to whip up a tasty cup of cold brew in a matter of hours.

Anyone interested in backing Hughes’ project need just shell out $149 for the Innovator Edition (aka the early-bird special), while the machine figures to run around $249 once it hits retail. As of now, Hughes plans on shipping the first batch of Invergo machines around October and has made the device available in three different colors: red, black, and silver.

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