Is Disneyland planning a Star Wars Land? We discuss if the force is strong with this one

disneyland star wars land

According to a screen grab from The Awl writer Ken Layne‘s Twitter account, a survey was recently sent out to Disneyland Annual Passport holders, hinting at the possibility of a Star Wars-themed section of the park. Looks like Disney wants to compete with Universal Orlando’s The Wizarding World Harry Potter bad, and frankly, Digital Trends is pretty torn at how to feel about this.

Technically, the Anaheim, California-based Disneyland already has Star Wars-themed attractions, including the 3D Star Tours flight in Tomorrowland. Last year, Disney’s Hollywood Studios also offered visitors the chance to customize their own Han Solo in carbonite sourvenir. Despite all this awesomeness, we’re still unsure how to trust Disney after it acquired Lucasfilm, with plans to produce Star Wars: Episode VII.

We had so many feels that DT’s resident Star Wars nerds Molly and I had to dive into a 10-minute long conversation.

Natt: I’d be lying if I said I didn’t wanna ride a Millennium Falcon before I died. But it better not be Clone Wars all over again.

Molly: Yeah, this is going to be commercialized as all get out. But here’s the thing: I would do horrible, terrible, unspeakable things to just even see an AT-AT up close. I would probably sacrifice my first born to go to Endor.

Natt:  But knowing Disney theme parks, it’s going to appeal to Cartoon Network watchers and Cinderella lovers. What if they ruin all we know and love by making it FOR BABIES.

Molly: But we’re talking a sliding scale of suck here. No Star Wars is the suckiest. SOME Star Wars is better than NO Star Wars, and until Lucasfilm sold the franchise, there was nothin’ happening. It’s like if you have a kid and that kid grows up to be a murderer. It really sucks … but you still love him. You’re still going to visit him in prison.

Natt:  I don’t know about that Molls, I could live without the dumbass Star Wars prequel books. That ruined me. That shit that brought “Skippy the Droid.” SKIPPY THE DROID. That is objectively worse than a poor man’s R2, and you don’t fuck with R2.

Molly: We could just say Jar Jar Binks and end this discussion right now.

Natt: What will Star Wars Land need to truly impress us other than being called anything else but Star Wars Land?

Molly: OH MY GOD WHAT IF THEY HAVE A CLOUD CITY. Wouldn’t you try and go to Cloud City even if it were a shitty Cloud City?

Natt:  I would pay ridiculous amounts of money to be married on Cloud City.

Molly: Then it is decided.

Now it’s your turn. Star Wars Land: Great idea, or horrible concept? Let’s talk it out.