It costs $682 million to try to be Batman


We all had those childhood dreams of becoming superheroes one day. Those dreams are usually struck down as you grow older, likely because you realize those opportunities are rare to none, and no one will actually take you seriously if you walked around in a tight, primary-colored spandex suit. Now we can add another detriment to our aspirations… because trying to be the super authentic, butt-kicking, weapon-baring, joyride-enthusiast Batman alone will set you back $682,451,350 million bucks.

The infographic, created by financial price comparison site, determined that in order to have all the gears at Batman use, you either have to become a millionaire before you’re too old to fight evil henchmen or be born to an extremely wealthy family who leaves you all the inheritance behind. That latter is certainly the case with our comic hero Bruce Wayne whose family company also happens to specialize in high end technology, covering areas such as defense and chemicals. The breakdown of estimates in Batman’s outfit alone exceeds a million dollar, most of which are blown in the custom graphite cowl that keeps Mr. Wayne’s anonymity safe.

Additional costs to be Batman go directly to all of The Dark Knight’s sweet rides; a combined total of three of his vehicles turn out to nearly $80 million. Of course, for that money, the batmobiles all come equipped with armor plating exterior, mounted machine guns, and in some cases, the ability to fly.

The biggest blow, unsurprisingly, is on the Wayne Manor estate which houses all of these gadgets and gizmos. We can go on and on about how these number wildly add up, but it’s probably just easier if you looked at the infograph yourself and watch as your childhood dreams slip farther away. Hey, it’s not too late to still go to school, get a medical degree, and still feel like someone important?

it costs 682 million to try be batman cost of being infographic Image: MoneySupermarket