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Best Buy sale drops this Jackery solar generator under $500

The Jackery Explorer 290 solar generator with SolarSaga solar panel against a white background.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Whether you’d like a way to charge up your devices from anywhere or you’re looking to fully ditch the grid for a week, Best Buy will allow you to do so with some savings this weekend. The Jackery Explorer 290 portable solar generator, bundled with a SolarSaga 100-watt foldable solar panel, offers a savings of $110 at Best Buy, as the price has been dropped from $550 down to just $440. Best Buy is even including free shipping with this purchase.

Why you should buy the Jackery Explorer 290 solar generator with SolarSaga solar panel

The Jackery Explorer 290 portable solar generator is a nifty device to keep around. With its 290-watt hours of power it makes a great backup for devices and lamps during power outages, but it also makes a great sidekick if you do a lot of camping or RV adventuring. It’s built in the same mold as the more powerful Jackery Explorer 1000, and while it doesn’t make the list of the best portable power stations like the Explorer 1000, it’s only because the Explorer 290 is made for people with lesser portable electricity needs. The Explorer 290 is eco-frinedly and quiet, and it allows you to charge four different devices simultaneously. It can handle such devices and appliances as a mini fridge, smartphones, tablets, and laptops, among many others.

And while you can charge up the Jackery Explorer 290 via AC outlet or car outlet, you can also do so with a solar panel. The Explorer 290 comes with the Jackery SolarSaga portable solar panel as part of this bundle, which is a nice inclusion for people looking to take it with them to the outdoors. This solar panel comes complete with a couple of USB ports of its, which you can use to charge the Explorer 290 generator. You can also plug USB devices directly into this solar panel for instant charging. The panel has two kickstands that can be placed on any surface, and within just seconds of setup you can start charging.

While the Jackery Explorer 290 solar generator with SolarSaga solar panel would typically cost $550, it’s currently just $440 at Best Buy. That’s a savings of $110, and free shipping is included with your purchase.

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