JakPak functions as sleeping bag and tent… if you’re desperate

jakpak functions as sleeping bag and tent if youre desperate

Getting stuck in the rain unprepared is never a fun situation, especially if you were planning to spend the night staring up at the stars. If you are the boy scout who is always prepared, imagine making everyone in your hiking group jealous when you pull out both a sleeping bag and a tent from your rain jacket as they begrudgingly consider heading back to the city. “That’s impossible!” you say. Enter the JakPak ($250), a normal enough looking rain jacket that just happens to also contain a waterproof ‘sleeping bag’ and tent. No, we’re not joking, and yes, it is ridiculous looking.

The jacket is made from 3.1 oz urethane-coated ripstop nylon and is designed to be both waterproof and breathable. The lightweight sleeping bag unfolds from the rear of the jacket and the detachable tiny tent pulls out of a pocket on the back of the jacket. Elastic at the top of the sleeping bag and helpful suspenders ensure that you are fully and comfortably covered while you sleep. The tent provides shelter from the shoulders up, and an attached mosquito netting keeps the summer bugs away. Probably not an essential item for most casual outdoorsy types, but the JakPak has serious potential for adventurous types who might find themselves in a tricky situation without shelter.