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Watching a jelly cake being made is absolutely mesmerizing

3D Jelly Cake: super easy
Although a jelly cake isn’t really a cake, it is a tasty gelatin treat that looks simply fantastic if you tackle it with the right tools. Using some of the syringe-equipped forks, knives and trowels sold by Gelatin Art Tools, you can make yourself some really fancy looking desserts.

The process of building a jelly cake isn’t technically difficult, but depending on your artistic talents, your mileage may vary. After building the main gelatin base, you inject it with a series of colorful additions, which can provide extra flavors as well as make the whole design much more eye catching.

There are options for flowers, leaves, insects, and animals — really for anything you can think of and have the artistic talent to reproduce in injected gelatin.

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If you fancy taking a gelatinous stab at this sort of cooking yourself, all of the supplies necessary can be found with BeFun Gelatin Art Tools. It has a number of discounted starter kits, with knives, syringes, and shaped tools of various styles. There are a number of different leaves, petals, and feathers — it really depends on what you want to make.

The site also contains a lot of information and tutorials on how to make a jelly cake. It breaks down the process of using the unflavored gelatin and mixing it with different juices, types of milk, or other additives in order to make it tasty.

It’s also worth noting how health conscious gelatin cakes are. While you might not imagine that anything with the word “cake” in it would be healthy, the standard unflavored gelatin has only a couple of calories for a whole batch. That means that the only calories you need to worry about are the ones you add in later — so you’re in complete control.

If any of you have a go at making a jelly cake like this over the weekend, do send us some pictures, we’d love to see how it turns out.

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