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Whole Foods to sell juice from a seriously expensive juicer

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If you can’t afford to buy the $400 Juicero for your home (and who can, really?), there’s another way to get your cold-pressed juice fix. Thanks to a new partnership with Whole Foods, you can now find the countertop cold-press juicer at your favorite high-end grocery store. Beginning this month, Juicero will unveil 11 juice bars in Whole Foods Markets across Southern California. And unlike other juice bars, this one will be totally self-serve — and promises to be quite interactive.

“We’re thrilled to work with Whole Foods Market, as we share many values around quality, maximizing health and personal vitality,” said Jeff Dunn, CEO of Juicero. “Juicero’s partnership with Whole Foods Market makes it fun and appealing for people to incorporate a healthy, fresh cold-pressed juice habit into their daily routine.”

While Juicero has come under fire previously for its sky high prices (it debuted the juicer at $700), the juice bar prices are surprisingly within reach. For just $5 a glass, you can get yourself some fresh, raw juice on demand. All Juicero’s Produce Packs promise to contain triple-washed, chopped, organic fruits and vegetables harvested within days of arriving at a store. Each of the Whole Foods locations featuring a juice bar will offer four to seven Juicero juices, like Sweet Greens, Greens, Spicy Greens, Green Zing, Beta Glow, Root Renewal+ and Sweet Roots.

And to keep the line moving along, some Whole Foods will feature up to three presses, allowing multiple customers to press their juice at their leisure and have their beverage in a matter of minutes.

“Juicero offers our customers a new and unique cold-pressed juicing experience,” said Patrick Bradley, president, Whole Foods Market Southern Pacific region. “Juicero allows for a convenient, affordable cold-pressed juice that meets our high quality standards and we’re excited for our customers to have this new option for grabbing a juice on the go.”

Availability information will be updated at the official site.

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