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New June Smart Oven can heat up specific zones for more efficient cooking

According to many people, cooking is an art — and like any art, it takes time become good at it. While anyone can eventually master making great meals in the kitchen, sometimes you just want to sit back and relax while the work is done for you. That’s where the June Smart Oven comes in.

On Wednesday, June announced the launch of its third-generation smart oven. This appliance utilizes the latest artificial intelligence to elevate at-home cooking by automatically detecting what kind of food is placed inside it and creating an automatic cook-program.

It simplifies cooking by taking the guesswork out of the process. However, it doesn’t remove control from the user. With the third generation of the June Smart Oven, each of the six interior heating elements can be individually controlled. This allows for possibilities like zone cooking for evenly placed food.

That isn’t the only change, either. The 12-in-1 June Smart Oven can air fry, slow cook, grill, dehydrate, broil, bake, proof, stone fire pizza, roast, toast, reheat foods, and keep things warm. A high-performance camera inside the oven identifies what foods have been placed inside it to help the computer determine exactly what temperature and how long it needs to cook them.

A touchscreen interface on the front of the appliance makes it easy to interact with the June. Other updates include guard rails on top of the heating elements, as well as convection fan motors that reduce vibration and sound while cooking. The internal chipset has been upgraded so that the smart oven has better connectivity.

The June Smart Oven will be available in three separate bundles that vary in price. The most affordable option is $599 for the June Smart Oven Bundle that includes the food thermometer, nonstick pan, crumb tray, wire shelf, and a one-year warranty. The next step up is the June Smart Oven Plus Bundle for $799, which includes all of the above but adds a roasting rack and a two-year warranty, as well as a one-year membership for the soon-to-arrive June App Premium Membership.

The final option is $999 for the June Smart Oven Premium Bundle. This package includes the newly launched Pizza and Grill Kit, three air baskets, two types of food thermometers, two nonstick pans, two roasting racks, a crumb tray, and a wire shelf. It also includes a two-year warranty and the June App Premium Membership.

All of these options will be available for presale on October 21, but if you need something now, we have plenty of recommendations consisting of air fryers, range ovens, and toaster ovens.

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