Second-generation A.I.-powered June Oven cooks faster, smarter, and easier

Kitchen gadget lovers and precision chefs, take heed: The June Oven‘s sensors and artificial intelligence give you nearly infinite cooking control. On days when you just want your meals cooked quickly, easily, and correctly, the June Oven‘s food-recognition camera and automatic cooking have your back.

Instead of cluttering your countertops and stuffing your cabinets with a myriad of cooking appliances, the June convection oven is also an air fryer, dehydrator, slow cooker, broiler, toaster, and warming drawer. Making the most of its 1.0 cubic foot capacity, the interior space can handle a 12 x 16-inch pan, a 12-inch pizza, or a 12-pound turkey.

The countertop appliance uses machine-learning artificial intelligence with a repertoire of more than 100 chef-developed programs to prepare your food the way you want it. With six carbon fiber heating coils and dual convection fans, the oven switches between cooking modes with no delay for preheating.

When running an automatic program to cook steak, for example, the June Oven switches between roasting, broiling, and baking with no user intervention needed. If you love bacon, the company claims this oven can cook it 64 ways — a statement worth pondering.

User feedback and the company’s own experience with the first version contributed equally to the new product, June announced.

“We listened to our user base and took the learnings from our first oven to refine the June and bring the next generation of smart cooking to people’s homes,” said Matt Van Horn, June CEO and co-founder.“By removing stress and simplifying cooking, we’ve seen our users, connoisseurs, and novices alike cooking more, eating healthier, and saving money.”

The second-generation June Oven multipurpose cooker adds faster cooking, a durable, easy-to-clean stainless steel interior, and a simpler touchscreen user interface.

According to June co-founder and CTO Nikhil Bhogal, “Unlike traditional appliances, the June Oven is constantly getting better; frequent software updates add new cooking abilities and cook-programs based on chef development and user feedback and preferences.”

You can control the oven with its Amazon Alexa skill or with the June’s mobile app. Once the cooking starts, you can go back to whatever you were doing and use the app to check on cooking progress with the oven’s HD camera and receive push notifications. You can even use the app and camera to send time-lapse files to share cooking progress with friends and family.

The June Oven is available on the company website in two bundles. The standard setup includes the oven, a food thermometer, a solid core aluminum cooking pan, a roasting rack, a wire shelf, crumb tray, and mobile app (iOS and Android) for $600. For $800 June adds an extended two-year warranty, a three-year recipe subscription, and three air baskets, with a limited-time $100 discount.

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