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Kanka is a portable rotisserie grill you can set up practically anywhere

Don’t get us wrong, meat cooked on a normal grill is one of the most delicious things on Earth, but even so, it just can’t compare to meat cooked rotisserie style. There’s a special kind of magic that happens when you spin a hunk of meat over low heat for an extended period of time. The only downside, however, is that it’s a pain in the hindquarters to do yourself.

Sure, you can always head to the local deli to get your rotisserie fix, or a maybe even buy a fancypants oven attachment to do it at home, but if you want to do it the old fashioned way –over an open flame– you’ve typically got no other choice than to bite the bullet and commit a couple hours to spinning that sucker manually.

But now, with the help of technology, you might never again have to slave away at the spit. Kanka, a recently-launched Kickstarter project, is a portable rotisserie system that does all the spinning for you, and can be set up practically anywhere.

Kanka grill
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Now to be fair, this definitely isn’t the first motorized rotisserie grill that’s ever been invented. If you poke around a bit, you can find other versions scattered all over the web. But Kanka is different. Unlike most of its predecessors, this badboy weighs only 11 pounds and can be assembled or broken down in a matter of seconds, so it’s ideal for backyard barbecues and camping trips alike.

This high degree of portability is mostly derived from the grill’s ultra-minimalist design. Kanka consists of three main parts: a single stainless steel mounting pillar, a small battery-powered motor, and a large four-pronged skewer. The idea is that you plant the mounting pillar firmly into the ground, and then affix the motor/skewer assembly onto it at the height of your choosing. It might look somewhat precarious, but the the pole/skewer assembly  is designed to hold up to 11 pounds of food at any height.

At this point the Kanka’s creators have only built a handful of functioning prototypes, but they’re recently turned to Kickstarter to raise money for their first large-scale production run. They’ve still got a long way to go before they meet their 45K funding goal,  but if you back the project now you can lock one down for 25o bucks.

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