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Key by Amazon In-Car delivers orders directly to your Ford or Lincoln

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Ford announced support for Key by Amazon In-Car delivery service for select Ford and Lincoln vehicles in a blog post on Medium. Key In-Car delivery is the first connected-vehicle service Ford plans to introduce for owners.

“For more than a century, Ford has powered people’s ability to get where they need to go with safe, reliable cars. Now, we think it’s time to flip the script,” Lorin Kennedy, FordPass Ecosystem business leader at Ford, wrote. “Instead of using our vehicles solely to get us to our destinations, what if we used them as beacons to bring convenient and secure services to us?”

Key by Amazon delivers orders from the online mega-retailer to homeowner’s garages in supported cities. Customers in the same areas who own compatible connected cars can activate the Key by Amazon In-Car version of the service.

According to Kennedy, Key by Amazon In-Car delivery service is available for 2017 and later model year Fords with FordPass Connect and for 2018 and later model year Lincolns equipped with Lincoln Connect. To take advantage of the convenient delivery service, owners can download the FordPass Connect or the Lincoln Way app, create an account, and activate the car.

When you select Key by Amazon In-Car for an order, the driver sends a heads up just before making the delivery. After putting the package in your car, the driver confirms the delivery is complete and the vehicle is locked. A second confirmation that your vehicle was successfully relocked transmits before the delivery driver heads out to the next delivery.

If for some reason, you decide you don’t want the delivery made to your car, you can change the delivery method to a building where your vehicle parks or reschedule for the next day.

Ford is lining up additional services for FordPass and Lincoln Way. The next wave of service includes three 0n-demand carwashing companies. Spiffy mobile car wash and detailing will launch its on-demand service soon in Atlanta,Dallas, Los Angeles, and Raleigh and Charlotte, North Carolina. Sparkl launched in the Chicago metro area recently and Rub A Dub is scheduled to begin service later in 2019.

Image used with permission by copyright holder

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