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King of the Nerds episode 105 recap: Angry nerds are scary nerds

King of the Nerds rubix

It is at this point in the competition where you begin to realize “King of the Nerds” isn’t really about nerds, but more like generic people doing fun stuff. Case in point, this week, our contestants ran through a pool to assemble a life-sized Rubik’s cube, solved a sudoku puzzle, got drunk, played a memory game, and got tackled by a sumo wrestler. Woohoo, reality television!

The competition starts off with the Orange team forced to pick one player to sit the challenge out to make the teams even at three against three. Joshua immediately volunteers to stay behind, citing that sudoku and Rubik puzzles aren’t his thing. Obviously, this gives Danielle a jolt to send Joshua to eliminations should the team lose.

Moogega, who has received minimal screen time until this episode (kinda), says she loves solving sudoku puzzles except it’s sort of a one-person kind of deal. I can’t blame her; too many people picking at a puzzle makes you lose focus, and not having a pen to write down notes does make it harder. Celeste and Virgil, Blue team’s Rubik master and computer programmer, ends up solving the puzzle correctly, which has Danielle’s eyes targeted on Josh.

Back at Nerdvana, Moogega and Danielle are taking the loss pretty well. The two decide to hit up the Jack Daniels and run around in booty shorts, spanking each other with a toy sword. “It bounces,” Josh awkwardly comments, as if he’s never seen an ass before. Shortly after, he leaves the room because he’s too stressed about losing and Ivan goes to talk to Virgil. Guys. Two drunk straight girls in booty shorts are touching each other and you’d rather spend it with other dudes? Sigh.

Ivan is worried the Blue team will select him to eliminations because he’s clearly the strongest member on Orange. He confides in Virgil, who doesn’t necessarily say he will or won’t vote for Ivan. Ivan walks away thinking he’s convinced Virgil to keep him safe. Apparently, no one in this house remembers it’s a reality competition they’re filming.

King of the Nerds josh nerdoffIvan is ultimately is revealed to have been selected for elimination and gets super awkward up in blue team’s faces – staring them down and making them tell him that they truly thought he was the right choice to send to the Nerd Off. Why are nerds so socially inept? Why don’t they realize people are here to win for once?

With Ivan and Josh in the Nerd Off, the two are forced to play a memory match game. Sounds easy, up until they get tennis balls thrown at them and a sumo wrestler to block the way in order to distract their focus. The game cuts it pretty close, but Josh gets his ass beat and is sent packing. Angry nerds never win. Especially not against sumo wrestlers.

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