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Who needs air fresheners? Kohler’s new high-tech toilet seat neutralizes odors

kohler purefresh deodorizing toilet seat
While Nest has been busy redesigning “unloved” products like thermostats and smoke alarms, Kohler has been doing the real dirty work: redesigning the humble toilet bowl. Just a couple months back, the company released a motion-activated flush kit, and as if that wasn’t enough,  it’s back again with more tech for your toilet.

Earlier this week, the company unveiled it’s new Purefresh toilet seat — a seat that’s outfitted with a small intake fan/carbon filter to neutralize odors right where they originate. This way, when the next person in line enters the throne room you just dropped a bomb in, they won’t be left to suffer through your stench with watery sting in their eye. Kohler even equipped the seat with scent cartridges to help you mask particularly pungent beef donations, as well as a little LED nightlight to save you from blinding yourself on early-morning bathroom trips.

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Nifty? Sure. Necessary? Probably not. There’s a good chance your bathroom already has an air vent, and fragrance dispensers are a dime a dozen these days — but even so, we applaud Kohler for tackling one of the more unpleasant aspects of being a living organism. If your bathroom doesn’t get great ventilation, this gizmo might be just what you need.

Pricing details aren’t available quite yet, but we’ll keep you posted.

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