Kuro Cube keeps foods fresh, deodorizes your nasty fridge

Danish company Sort of Coal makes all kinds of strange products out of white charcoal (despite being black in color), a powerful form of charcoal that can be over 90 percent carbon. The substance has many different uses, but we found this one to be the most useful. If your fridge has no discernible odor, you can ignore this post. For those of you who aren’t so good about throwing out that week-old Chinese food, this little product will make opening the fridge a little less gross. Even foods that are still good can have unpleasant odors, so don’t be embarrassed to own this little guy. The Kuro Cube (about $16), made from powdered and compressed white charcoal, can be used to purify air and deodorize your refrigerator. Other than making your refrigerator smell clean and fresh, the Kuro Cube also absorbs ethylene gas, meaning all the food in your fridge will stay fresh longer. If the cube loses its deodorizing power, letting it sit in the sun periodically will dry out the cube and allow it to absorb again. The Kuro Cube should last about a year and works as an effective fertilizer when its time in your fridge is up. It can also be used in other small spaces, but we’re guessing your fridge needs it the most.

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