Give everyone you know and trust the keys to your home with this $89 smart lock

We’ve seen a lot of smart locks come and Indiegogo around here, and Blueguard-E from Lark-Wi is another one to add the list. What sets this Kickstarter project apart is its rock-bottom pricing: $89 gets you the Bluetooth-enabled lock.

Users can either use their iOS or Android devices to unlock the door, the fob, or the keypad. Like other smart locks, you can assign temporary codes for relatives you like, delivery men, and so on. A separate smart latch sensor detects the deadbolt’s position, alerting users and recording whenever the door is unlocked, including with a set of keys. (Two keys are included with the lock.)


There’s also a Wi-Fi package. The $125 option includes the lock, a hub, allowing users to turn the lights on when the door unlocks, and the sensor. Instead of a traditional block-shaped hub, Lark-Wi will provide donors with a light bulb or smart plug that pulls double duty as a gateway.

The lock takes four AA batteries and should last for a year, according to the company. You’ll get alert when they’re running low, so you don’t lock yourself out.

The lock is essentially a redesign of a popular design from a Taiwanese manufacturer with a new chip, according to the company. Because it doesn’t have a distinctive design, the lock has extra security from cyberattacks, the company claims, because no one will necessarily know they’re looking at a smart lock. It’s not the pretties smart lock we’ve seen, but it is the cheapest. Lark-Wi had a successful Indiegogo campaign for a doorbell-and-lock combo earlier this year, though it doesn’t appear to be on the company’s site.


The Blueguard-E Kickstarter campaign launched today, with the company seeking a whopping $80,000 in funding. As usual, all backer beware cautions apply when it comes to crowdfunding, but Lark-Wi says it plans to start shipping the locks in March 2016.