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Layla is a mattress-delivery company that also throws in the bed frame

Casper, Leesa, Tuft & Needle, Helix; it’s time to add another mattress-in-a-box company to the list. Every new offering has to have a little something extra to make it unique — and for Layla Sleep that’s an included box spring.

Actually, it’s all box and no spring. You break down the cardboard packaging then fit it together in interlocking squares to get a bed stand that’s sturdy enough to hold up to 1,500 pounds, according to its creators. It looks no more complicated than putting together Ikea furniture but doesn’t require tools. (If you have trouble assembling those file storage boxes with slots and flaps, though, you might find the process frustrating.)

Like many of its competitors, Layla’s mattress is three layers of foam and latex. You can get it in sizes king, queen, and so on, and there’s a bit of a spin on the one-firmness-fits-all approach: Layla offers three different levels of support. There’s a try-after-you-buy arrangement as well; you have 120 days to test it out and see if you like it.

Brothers Akbar and Akrum Sheikh worked in their father’s Connecticut-based mattress business before deciding a non-showroom approach for their own company. Their Kickstarter for Layla launches today, and a queen-sized mattress costs $900, which is $399 off retail. That eventual prices makes it significantly more expensive than Tuft & Needle ($600 for a queen), Casper ($850 for a queen), Leesa ($890 for a queen), and Helix ($900 for a queen). Right now, backers get the box free, but paying an extra $400 for a cardboard frame seems pretty steep.

Each mattress sold also pays for someone’s night in the Episcopal Community Services of San Francisco shelter. The organization houses 500 individuals each night, and Layla hopes eventually to fully fund the shelter. Shipping is included in the price, and the brothers hope to have the mattresses delivered in December.

“A mattress is not just about sleeping. We believe it’s a place to rest, rejuvenate and recharge both your body and your mind. It’s a battery recharger and launchpad for your best, awake self,” the company’s site explains. We think everyone could use some recharging, Layla. Make it happen!

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