Trade in your energy-sucking Christmas lights for a discount on low-power LEDs at Home Depot

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Allow us to preface this article with an acknowledgement. We realize that it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, let alone Christmas. We recognize you probably won’t be thinking about holiday decorations for another couple weeks, but US retailers are already rolling out holiday deals and we couldn’t pass this one up.

Home Depot is currently offering an awesome trade in deal that aims to take power-sucking incandescent Christmas lights off of your house and replace them with LEDs. From now until November 17th, you can get a $3-$5 discount on new LED lights for every string of old incandescents you trade in.

It’s not completely open-ended though. The deal only applies if you purchase certain products made by Home Accents, Martha Stewart Living, Ecosmart, and Lightshow. You’re also limited to five discounts per customer, so if you’re planning on trading in dozens of light strings, it’d be wise to take some friends or family along so you can each get discounts.

At the end of the day, these deals are really just a clever ploy to get you to buy more stuff from Home Depot, but depending on how much you deck out your house each year and how long you leave the lights on each night, the long-term power savings could easily outweigh the cost of buying new LEDs

Let’s not forget about the environmental benefits either. According to a report commissioned by the US Department of Energy, holiday lighting consumes more than six terawatt-hours per year – the equivalent of the total electricity consumption of 500,000 homes in one month. That’s a ridiculously large amount of energy. If every household in the US switched to LED Christmas lights this season, the DOE estimates we could save a total of $410 million dollars in electricity costs each year. 

The more we think about it, the better this deal starts to look.  Find out more about Home Depot’s Christmas Light Trade-in program here.

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