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Let Your iPod Be Alarming – Or All Wet

Let Your iPod Be Alarming - Or All Wet

iPod owners can be something of a special breed: some of them become inseparable from their click-wheel enabled toys and their ability to cart around mammoth music collections, and seem to experience withdrawal symptoms when they wake up and their iPod isn’t there, or if they have to take a shower or swim without their favorite electronic device.

Fortunately, the market economy has these folks covered.

The folks iLuv have announced two new iPod-enabled stereo docks with speakers and alarm functions—and, in a new twist, Bluetooth, enabling iPod fans to receive of stream music to and from Bluetooth devices (like headphones). The iLuv i277 sports 6 Watt speakers, an AM/FM radio with digital tuning technology, a digital clock with dual alarms (music or buzzer), sleep timer, LCD display, remote control, and a video output to pump iPod-stored video to a television. (Of course, it also sports a dock which stores and charges your iPod.) It also offers the BluePin audio transmitter/receiver supporting A2DP and AVRCP profiles, and an aux line in for older iPods or other audio sources. Expect the i277 to hit stores in March in black and white at a suggested price of $149.99. Moving up a bit, the iLuv i199 adds a disc player supporting audio and MP3 CDs and USB input; expect to see them in black and white this March for $229.99.

If you’re unlike your iPod in one crucial way—you like to get wet—then Atlantic wants you to check out their Ego waterproof sound case for iPod. The Ego is a waterproof iPod speaker system which runs up to 30 hours off four AA batteries, includes two speakers (billed as “powerful” with “waterproof bass venting”), and sports a shatterproof polycarbonate case with a pop-out stand in back for setting the case up on a shelf or windowsill in your sauna or shower. Atlantic staunchly warns that the case shouldn’t be used underwater, but it is designed to keep iPods safe from moderate amounts of water, dust, and bumps. And did we mention it floats? No word on pricing or availability or pricing, but expect to see it demonstrated next week at CES.

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