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Float lots of different objects above this magical levitating base

LevitatingX Kickstarter Interview
We’ve seen quite a few levitating gadgets and gizmos float through the doors of Digital Trends in recent months, but while many feature a single levitating object, this latest offering from Levitating Design Labs lets you choose from a variety of items to suspend in midair.

Powered by electromagnetic suspension technology, the Levitating X collection features, for example, several 3D-printed decorative pieces, a drinking glass, a pot for your favorite plant, and a small pillow for your watch, jewelry, or other such diminutive item.

But you could probably have the most fun with the levitating plate, or a set of them if you have the cash to splash. It would certainly impress any party guests when they walk in and see their first course hovering above the dining table. Or possibly freak them out a bit.

You have two different levitation bases to choose from. The larger one is wireless and incorporates a rechargeable battery, while the second, slimmer offering requires an AC power source.

As the video below shows, it’s easy to set up the Levitating X. Simply slot in the proprietary levitation assist plate. Next, place the object you want to levitate onto the base before gently removing the plate. It’ll then float above the base, at which point you can give it a gentle tap to make it slowly rotate.

Levitating X- How To Levitate

The Chicago-based startup behind Levitation X says it opted for a square base rather than a round one because the former can be easily placed side-by-side with multiple bases, “allowing for the future creation of large-surface levitating products.”

The team is looking for Kickstarter funding to the tune of $35,000 to make Levitation X a reality. Early-bird offers include the base and a plate for $150, which is $100 off the expected retail price. The same deal also applies to the plant pot and pillow.

For $250 you can choose from one of the decorative pieces — that’s $150 off the expected retail cost. There’s also the chance to choose extra objects for between $20 and $130 each, and the aim is to add new products every month.

Assuming the team reaches its funding target, the products will start shipping in June, 2017.

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