LG just made the best-looking air conditioner you’ve ever laid eyes on

lg just made best looking air conditioner youve ever laid eyes

Unless you’re fortunate enough to have central air in your home, your range of options when it comes to air conditioning units is basically limited to a bunch of hideous, boxy eyesores. But that’s all about to change thanks to LG.

Earlier this week the company pulled the curtain back on its latest residential air conditioning solution, and not only is it not an eyesore, it actually looks fairly attractive. The ArtCool Stylist, as LG calls it, is a unique square-shaped air conditioner designed with a super slim profile so that it can easily be mounted on your wall. And to ensure it matches the decor of your space, it’s also equipped with a variable color LED ring, so you can adjust the light to suit the mood or ambiance of a room.

But it’s not all form and no function either — LG built this badboy with its 3-way Soft Airflow technology, so instead of blasting out cold air in a single unidirectional stream, it  distributes air in three directions to evenly cool your space. This also makes it considerably quieter  than the average AC unit (just 19db), and with the help of LG’s advanced inverter technology, it’s also considerably more energy efficient.

For added convenience, the ArtCool Stylist comes with a handy remote with a 3.4-inch touchscreen display. This way, even if you’ve got the AC unit mounted high up on your wall, you can easily adjust the temperature settings, operating mode, or color/brightness of the LED ring. 

LG hasn’t released details on pricing or availability quite yet, but given that it’s an air conditioning unit, we’re willing to bet it’ll be available sometime this coming spring. Find out more here.

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