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Keep safe with the Life Home Monitoring Kit — it’s more than just a camera

If no one’s watching, is life even happening?

The answer is probably yes, but if you prefer to watch anyway, TCL Communication has a product for you. Meet the Life Home Monitoring Kit, a new smart home solution that helps folks ensure the safety and security of their home and family in an easy and cost-effective way. More than just a security camera, this new whole-home solution comes with a series of discreet products meant to keep you safe without making you feel as though you’re on lockdown.

Most folks today “spend most of the day away from home, but want to ensure that everything at home is under control,” said Vittorio Di Mauro, senior vice president and smart connectivity division director of TCL Communication. And with the Lifecam camera, door and window sensor, and motion detector, users can do just that.

The Wi-Fi enabled camera supports a 100-degree angle view, digital zoom, night view, 720p at 30fps resolution, two-way audio, and 360-degree pan and 180-degree tilt rotation. The sensors, on the other hand, will send users alerts anytime an unauthorized presence is detected entering either the door or windows, while the motion detectors will do the same when an intruder walks by. Of course, all this information is sent directly to your smartphone via the companion app, available for both iOS and Android.

And because all these devices interact with one another, your home will be as connected to itself as it is to you. Requiring minimal setup and installation, you won’t need a security company to rig your house in order to protect yourself. Just take these various devices, set them around your house, and let your phone turn you into your own security guard. The Life Home Monitoring Kit will be available worldwide through both retailers and operators beginning March 2017.

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