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Spy kit essentials: LIFX's infrared-emitting smart bulb lets security cameras see better

LIFX - Live a more illuminated life.
Smart bulb connoisseur LIFX announced today two new additions to its impressive lineup of lighting solutions, with one of the new bulbs touting a feature users won’t have the capacity to recognize with their bare eyes. Dubbed the LIFX+, this innovative new bulb functions just like any other light bulb on the planet in that it’s capable of providing a dark room with light — but its ability to emit infrared light puts it in a class of its own. While infrared is not visible to the human eye, it does help security cameras accurately “see” at night, providing an otherwise lit field of view in absolute darkness.

It’s worth pointing out that the list of security cameras which utilize infrared to capture footage at night isn’t necessarily comprehensive but there still remains an overwhelming number of devices which do. Because of this, LIFX’s latest release should likely be a particularly popular product among security camera users following its release. As any security camera owner could attest, these devices do emit some infrared light on their own but having a bulb capable of completely filling a room with such light is priceless.

What makes the LIFX bulbs even more appealing deals with its integration into an array of smart home systems. Be it offerings from Nest or Canary, LIFX’s compatibility with smart homes puts it on a par with some of its competition (hello, Philips) while the infrared technology allows it to stand alone. As of now, LIFX currently offers pre-orders of the bulb at a price of just $80, though the brand does allow potential buyers the opportunity to pre-order multiples at a discount — two bulbs for $140, four for $260, etc.

In addition to the new infrared-emitting bulb, LIFX also announced the impending release of the LIFX Z. A glorified light strip, the LIFX Z measures just over 6.5 feet long and gives owners the option to program each of its eight different zones to shine different colors. Retailing for $90 — when it releases in November, though pre-orders are available now — the LIFX Z figures to be popularly used as bias lighting, to illuminate cupboards, or to provide a classy backlight for televisions.

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