Dance party in the house: A new app syncs your color-changing lights with music

Back in the day, hanging a disco ball from your ceiling was surefire way to turn any ordinary party into a dance party. If you want to go beyond the ’70s staple, you can try syncing your lights and music, though it takes a lot of equipment to set up. And with ordinary bulbs, it’s not going to do much more than create a strobe effect. But if you snap in certain brands of smart light bulbs, suddenly you have a cornucopia of color. 

Light DJ Pro, made by Mango Bee Software, is a new app that takes advantage of the new tech, letting you switch the lights between green, blue, and lots of other hues. Designed with electronic dance music fans in mind, the app works exclusively with Lifx Wi-Fi-enabled smart bulbs. Just screw the bulb into regular light sockets, and prepare to get your party started.

DJ Light Pro AppThe interface looks a bit overwhelming, as it has over 30 different effect buttons, but it comes with 10 preset color patterns. You can also customize and create your own “pattern bank,” letting you flood your space with a kaleidoscope of color and precisely set and sync tempos to whatever music you happen to be playing, even, presumably, if it’s a John Philip Sousa march. Band geeks gotta have fun, too!

Right now, the free app is only available for iPad.


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