Liquipel coating claims to make your smartphone completely waterproof

liquipel coating claims to make your smartphone completely waterproof 6638liquipel gear patrol

Smartphones are great at a lot of things. Withstanding dunks and drownings in bath tubs, toilets, or beverages is not one of them. We will be more than relieved when phones are made out of waterproof and indestructible materials right out of the box, but for now the best we can do is bulky waterproof cases, which most of us aren’t willing to sport on a regular basis because hey, they make that sleek and sexy new iPhone look like a brick from the early 2000s. Nobody wants that. Consequently, many of our phones have suffered deaths thanks to the evils of liquids, and not even a good dunk in a bowl of rice will fix most phone drownings. 

While we aren’t inclined to test this new option on our own phones, Liquipel ($59) will add a coating to your phone that supposedly makes it immune from your clumsy drops in water or other liquids. Virtually undetectable (you need a microscope to see it), the Liquipel coating bonds to your device on a molecular level both inside and out (thanks to fancy science), giving it a waterproof shield without marring the look and design of your phone. No matter what case (or no case) that you put on it, your device will still retain the waterproof bonding. The coating permanently bonds to your device, so you’ll never have to worry about it wearing off. Send your phone in (the company will work with the iPhone and most HTC, Motorola, and Samsung models) and the company will send it back fully protected. 

Doesn’t sound like a bad deal to us. Now we just need to find a guinea pig phone to be tested.