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Lovesac integrates Harman Kardon speakers and wireless charging into its couches

Do you remember the craze of built-in speakers in everything from couches to recliners? Something about having a speaker close enough to your head that you could feel the bass in your ears excited people, and now that same technology is coming back into play through Lovesac in collaboration with Harman Kardon.

Lovesac is best known for its modular couches. You take the individual sections and arrange them in any shape you like, allowing them to fit a variety of orientations and spaces. They’re also well-known for being easy to remove the couch covers and clean. Now, the company is including sectional sections (called sactions) that have speakers built into them.

The Sactionals StealthTech Sound + Charge system includes two Sound + Charge Sides, each of which has a front- and rear-firing speaker. It also includes a Subwoofer that integrates into the Sactional Seat Frame to immerse you into the sound, whether it’s your favorite movie or another listen of Dark Side of the Moon. The Sactionals Power Hub integrates into any Sactionals Side to provide charging for any device, meaning you can charge your phone, tablet, or even Nintendo Switch while you kick back and relax.

Man putting together Lovesac StealthTech couch.

The combination of speakers allows you to create a surround sound system on your couch. The side panels of each couch will broadcast both up and to the sides, while the center sections broadcast directly up to you. All of the speakers sync to one another so there is no audio lag. Instead, you receive an incredibly detailed, crisp auditory experience that pulls you into the content.

The system can easily be reconfigured into a new orientation if you change the layout of the couch. In addition, if the base system isn’t enough, you can add additional sections to give yourself a larger couch without sacrificing speakers. The entire system can be optimized through different sound profiles depending on the kind of content you’re viewing. Audio needs different levels depending on if you’re watching a movie, listening to music, watching TV, or watching the news. Although there are pre-made sound profiles, you can tweak these profiles and save your custom profiles through the Lovesac StealthTech app.

The entire system will be available to demo at certain Best Buy locations, as well as at Lovesac showrooms. It has an MSRP of $3,700, with an expected sell price of $2,923.

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