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The Luuup litter box is the top-funded pet product on Kickstarter

Ask any cat owner about the bane of his or her existence, and inevitably, the answer will have something to do with the dreaded litter box. Seriously, there’s something incredibly humbling about having to pick up an animal’s excrement. But now, you may finally be able to enjoy all the perks of having a cuddly feline friend without any of the mess or stink associated with their waste. It’s all thanks to the Luuup Litter Box, which promises to be the best cat litter box ever made. And with over $435,000 pledged and 17 days left in its Kickstarter campaign, it seems that the general public is ready to believe.

The Luuup team claims that its “ingenious three-sifting-tray litter system is the smartest, cleanest, and last litter box you’ll ever have to buy.” Already, 2 million units of the original Luuup litter box have been sold, but the redesign promises to be better still.

Its unique system utilizes three identical sifting trays — stacking any two of them together forms a solid base, and the addition of the third allows for the perpetual sifting motion. This means that whenever you want to clean a litter box, all you have to do is lift the top tray, and all that’s left is clean litter. Are you gasping with delight yet?

Once you’ve tossed the clumps away, simply turn the tray 180 degrees and put it at the bottom of the stack. As Luuup explains, “You know the bottom tray is turned the right way when it matches the same orientation as the top tray in the stack.”

And that’s it — literally. The most disgusting aspect of cat ownership just got that much easier. No longer will you waste time cleaning a forever-dirty box or spend inordinate sums on “self-cleaning” litter boxes that inevitably fail to do their jobs.

“In a sea of uninspired and mundane design, we’ve created a litter box that is as pleasing to look at as it is to use,” the Luuup team promises. “Through every step of our journey, we’ve held your needs at the core of everything we’ve done; obsessing over every element and functional detail while exercising great care and consideration with each aspect of our product development, to ensure we’ve created the very best litter box.”

So if you want to support these folks, head on over to Kickstarter and back the No. 1 pet product in the crowdfunding platform’s history.

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