Luzi Smart Lamp is voice-activated and moonlights as a charger and organizer

Ready to part with that boring lamp on your nightstand, the one with the tattered shade that your grandmother gave to you? The Luzi Smart Lamp is a modern alternative that claims to improve your sleep quality.

Using electronics that emit blue light before bed has been found to negatively impact sleep, and Luzi uses a combination of LEDs and low-frequency sounds to help soothe you to slumber land. When it’s time to get up, the lamp will adjust to play new sounds for a gentle wake-up. Use voice-command technology to turn it on or set an alarm.

Luzi creators didn’t just create a cool sound machine-and-lamp combination, they made a multi-purpose nightstand organizer. The lamp has an integrated Bluetooth speaker, temperature sensors, alarm clock, USB ports, and wireless charging stations. It even charges Apple Watches. The creators also envision it working with other parts of your smart home by locking doors and turning off other lights.

If you want, you can even personalize the lamp’s display to feature local weather, the date, and different designs. “Luzi is the most advanced smart lamp ever made,” said Joel Burke, co-founder and CEO of Luzi, in a statement. He also claimed the lamp could provide health benefits, which always makes us a little wary. And while the video shows a guy happily chatting with his Luzi, the voice commands are a little more basic right now and include “light on,” “set alarm,” and “start sleep cycle.”

The Luzi team just put the lamp on Indiegogo in hopes of raising $50,000 to begin the production process. You can pre-order the Luzi Smart Lamp starting at $269 with an expected delivery date of March 2016. Currently only black and white lamps are available.