This machine turns a pile of veggies into hot soup in 20 minutes flat

Still eating your soup from a can like some sort of hobo? Ditch the can opener/microwave routine and peep game on Philips’ latest contraption: the Soupmaker.

If you couldn’t already guess from the name, this thing makes soup. But not just any soup. This badboy makes fresh soup –with whatever ingredients your heart desires– in well under a half hour. It’s essentially a glorified immersion blender placed inside an electric tea kettle, so in just 20 minutes, it simultaneously pulverizes and warms whatever goodies you put inside and transforms them into a piping hot four-serving meal. Groundbreaking? Not particularly. Awesome? Most definitely.

To use it, you just roughly chop up the ingredients your recipe calls for, pop on the lid, and choose one of the five viscosity settings. The machine handles everything else. It’ll even keep your concoction warm for up to 40 minutes after its finished, so even if you get lost in an episode of True Detective while you wait, you’ll still have a piping hot meal ready when the credits roll.

And don’t let the name fool you either — the Soupmaker isn’t a one-trick pony. In addition to all manner of bisques, broths, soups, stews, and chowders; the machine can be used without the heater function to make smoothies, shakes, and compotes like a normal blender.

Unfortunately Philips isn’t selling the Soupmaker directly through its website, but you can snag yourself one for about $135 on Find out more here.