‘Mad Men’ Mapped: Your guide to living like Don Draper in NYC

Mad Men Mapped: WNYC Google Maps guide

When popular shows take place in popular cities, people are bound to try and look up where these characters actually work, live, drink, and hang out. One of the most famous pop culture tours in New York City include HBO’s Sex and the City, where fans of the defunct show hop all over town to discover a real life image of where each main character actually spent their time. But when it comes to AMC’s Mad Men, a 1960s version of New York can be harder to pinpoint. Not anymore.

WNYC, a city culture organization, has compiled a Google Maps edition of geographical references made on Mad Men so you can do your own guided tour, if you wish. Particular hotspots include Keens Steakhouse, Sing Sing Prison, and the Empire State Building. Clicking on each spot reveals a note of when the location was referenced, such as the exact address of Don Draper’s apartment in the upper east side. 

While the map seems pretty thorough already, WNYC wants your help to continue adding to the list. To make the guide more complete for the upcoming season 5 finale, fans can add any missing location by sending their take to madmenmap@wnyc.org. Be forewarned that clicking through the map may reveal spoilers so unless you’ve caught up on every episode, watch the show first before taking yourself on a Mad Men tour this summer, free of charge. If you’re not in New York yet, you can always get your fix with the YouTube 8-bit Choose-Your-Own-Adventure game that popped up a few months ago.

Of course, during your tour, don’t try barging into whoever lives at the current address of the Drapers today. The 60s might be a little more calm and collected, but bombard the poor person’s apartment and you might actually see Sing Sing Prison up close and personal.