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Looking for a change this year? Try one out on your hair with Madison Reed

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With our penchant for makeovers — whether it be in the form of home renovations, weight loss, or facelifts — it’s no wonder that a startup in the business of new looks is making serious waves. Madison Reed, branded as a “prestige hair color brand,” is on the up and up, fresh off a new $13 million funding round, its first physical location (the Madison Reed Color Bar in Manhattan), and the hiring of a new chief marketing officer. Turns out hair is a hot business.

If you haven’t heard of Madison Reed yet, it’s a company that is looking to help you get professional hair color results at home. Following in the footsteps of other tech-esque beauty startups like Birchbox, Madison Reed actually started off as little more than an app that helps users determine what color to dye their hair.

Since 2004, nearly 2 million people have taken Madison Reed’s signature 12-question quiz, which asks users about their hair and their aspirations for their hair. This information has helped the company determine what demand really looks like when it comes to haircare. Of course, in this day and age, this kind of data is priceless.

To capitalize on all this knowledge, Madison Reed brought Heidi Dorosin aboard their team, where she has been tasked with growing the business “substantially in 2017 as the company launches new products, continues to grow its relationships with retail partners Sephora and QVC, and opens new store locations that will enable customers to have an immersive brand experience.”

“The philosophy behind Madison Reed spoke to me on a deeply personal level. I believe that all women should demand gorgeous hair and an experience that respects their time, wallet and health,” Dorosin said. “Amy’s vision is shared by every single person at Madison Reed, and I feel privileged to work at a company devoted to empowering women and giving them what they deserve.”

So if you’re looking for something new, you may want to sashay into Madison Reed — or just pull up the app on your phone — and see what your own makeover can look like.

Lulu Chang
Former Digital Trends Contributor
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