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Sleep soundly knowing you have a reliable alarm clock thanks to Magnasonic

Magnasonic CR64
The countdown to 2018 is now well and truly upon us, and you’ll want to keep tabs on each and every one of these last few days of 2017. Here to help you do that are two new alarm clocks that won’t let you forget what day (and what time) it is as 2017 draws to a close. Meet the CR64 and CR63 from Magnasonic, two feature-rich alarm clocks that want to help you close out the year responsibly, which is to say, by waking up on time to prepare all the upcoming festivities. And of course, on New Year’s Eve, you can set the clock to let you know exactly when you need to start the real countdown.

The CR64 will be particularly useful to folks carefully watching each minute pass, as it boasts a Time Projection feature. As its name suggests, this feature will project the time on your wall or ceiling, which means you’ll know what time it is no matter where in a room you are, and whether or not you’re wearing your glasses. Plus, if you awake with a start in the middle of the night, afraid that you’ve overslept and that your in-laws’ arrival is imminent, you can quickly check the ceiling and see that no, you still have hours to go before that particular challenge.

Both alarm clocks only need to be set up once, as the clocks automatically detect time zones and time. You also won’t have to worry about setting your clocks forward or backward during Daylight Savings — the CR64 and CR63 will do all of that for you. Both models also feature USB ports that allow for easy mobile phone and tablet charging throughout the night, so you don’t have to worry about finding an outlet or getting a long enough cable.

And because these clock radios adjust their displays’ brightness based on a room’s lighting, you’ll neither have to shield your eyes from the glaring brightness of a digital clock at night, or strain to see dim letters in the middle of the day. Both alarms also feature indoor temperature readings, date displays, a digital AM/FM tuner, and the option to wake to radio or a gradual wake buzzer.

While the Magnasonic devices generally work off of a power supply, they also come with a backup battery so that your alarm won’t fail you even if your power grid does.

Magnasonic’s CR64 and CR63 are available now on Amazon for $35 and $30 respectively.

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