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There’s still time to grab this air fryer while it’s only $25

A serving of fries in the tray of the Mainstays 2.2-quart compact air fryer.

If your kitchen doesn’t have an air fryer yet, you’re missing out on a wonderful cooking device. Fix that problem by taking advantage of Walmart’s $5 discount for the Mainstays 2.2-quart air fryer, which makes it even more affordable at just $25 from $30 originally. It’s not a huge price cut, you might as well pick up any savings along the way when you’re buying anything online. This is one of the cheapest air fryer deals that you can shop right now, so you’ll have to complete the purchase immediately before stocks run out.

Why you should buy the Mainstays 2.2-quart air fryer

The Mainstays 2.2-quart air fryer is a compact machine that can cook fried food without using oil. Like other air fryers, it circulates hot air with a unique vapor system to make your ingredients crispy while keeping them moist inside, cooking them in a healthy way compared to the deep frying process that results in greasy food. Its capacity of 2.2 quarts is enough for personal use or light snacks for a couple, which also means it won’t take up too much space on your kitchen counter.

You can cook within a temperature range of 175 degrees to 400 degrees Fahrenheit with the Mainstays 2.2-quart air fryer, which you can set through the top dial, and with a timer of up 30 minutes, which you can adjust the the front dial. Once you have this device, you should consult our guide on how to clean an air fryer, but since its basket and tray are removable and top-rack dishwasher safe, cleaning it up after you’re done with cooking should be a breeze.

The Mainstays 2.2-quart air fryer may be cheap, but it will do a great job of preparing delicious food. It’s currently even more affordable from Walmart following a $5 discount that pulls its price down to $25 from $30, but that will only attract even more attention to this cooking device. If you want the Mainstays 2.2-quart air fryer in your kitchen, or perhaps you’re planning to give it to a loved one, you should proceed with the transaction immediately while stocks are still available. If you delay until tomorrow, you may lose this chance.

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Why you should buy the Dyson V8 Origin+ cordless vacuum
The Dyson V8 Origin+ is an older model of the brand's line of cordless vacuums, but several years after its release, it's still a worthwhile purchase because of the convenience that it provides when cleaning your home. The device's powerful motor will pick up dirt, debris, and pet hair, among other things, while its whole-machine filtration will make sure that it expels cleaner air to protect your family from pollutants. Once you're done cleaning, a simple click opens the dust bin so you can easily dispose its contents into a trash bag.

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Why you should buy the Shark ION RV754 robot vacuum
The best robot vacuums make cleaning your floors very convenient, and that's something you'll also get from the Shark ION RV754. You'll be able to use either the SharkClean app on your smartphone, or voice commands through smart home devices that are powered by Amazon's Alexa or Google Assistant, to initiate the cleaning process. Once it starts, it can run for up to 120 minutes before it needs to go back to its charging station, and with its onboard sensors -- which are among the features to consider in our guide on how too choose a robot vacuum -- it can avoid falling down stairs and bumping into furniture.

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