Make your fridge more efficient with this handy infographic

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 Even if you’ve got a modern energy-efficient fridge, keeping a cluttered, disorganized mess of foodstuffs inside it can make it drastically less efficient. Furthermore, not only does a messy fridge use more energy to keep cold, but it also makes the fridge less effective at doing its job, which ultimately leads to more spoiled goods and more overall waste.

However, with proper food storage and organization of your refrigerator doors, shelves, and humidity controls, you can not only maximize your fridge’s efficiency, but also keep all your grub fresh for longer periods of time. In the infographic below, PartSelect outlines a set of efficiency hacks that’ll keep your refrigerator running smoother and more economically than ever before. 

Some of this stuff is plain old common sense, but there are plenty of tips in here that you probably hadn’t thought of before. We found the bit about drawer humidity and ethlene-emitting foods to be particularly enlightening. Check it out!

fridge organization infographic[Lifehacker via Partselect]

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