Make sweet music magic from this guitar shaped like a woman’s curves

Female shape guitar

For some reason, a lot of guys like to refer to their precious gadgets in female form, be it cars, boats, or if you’re that rich, planes. Why shouldn’t music instruments be thrown into that mix? It’s also delicate, needs a lot of care, and can cost you a bit of investment money. Only joking (a little), but one artist takes this notion to a literal level by creating this six string acoustic guitar shaped to resemble the female body.

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With the outline curving around like a woman’s figure, now you can hold on to what feels like the female curve as you strum and make sweet music. Female guitarists can also enjoy the guitar while giving the optical illusion of nudity when it’s held before or behind her. It’s also got a martini glass cut-out in the middle for an added girly touch. The instrument is made with several different types of wood and is on a made-to-order basis. Which is excellent news, if you’re a left-handed player!

Like a real life girlfriend, this baby won’t come cheap either. For $2,700 plus shipping, you can purchase your own unique guitar off the North Carolina-based Etsy seller. Wait, not digging that expensive price point or the oversized guitar look? Not to worry.

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The seller, Paul Celentano, offers a lot of different variety wood-based string instruments if this one doesn’t strike your fancy. For a completely nerdtastic accessory, check out this Atom Ukulele. It’s even got a chemical explosion at the end for a quirky, colorful look. Since it’s also much smaller, the price tag is significantly lower than the curvy guitar at just $650 a piece. Looks like this one’s pretty popular though: The seller indicated there is a waiting list to get the Atom Ukulele custom made at this moment.

make sweet music magic from this guitar shaped like a womans curves il 570xn 243697818Our other pick from Celentano’s shop is, of course, one of our favorite video game characters of all time: Pac-Man. The Ukulele looks like it’s about to eat its way through the strings to get to the ghost at the other end. For $500, this one-of-a-kind instrument is not to be missed if you’re a collector of all things Pac-Man. See the full shop here to take your pick of the wonderful and quirky creations from Mr. Celentano. And feel free to call any of them in male or female form if that makes you feel more attached to such precious an item.

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