Man Dies From Gaming?

dell takes a slice at apple with super thin latitude z dellz closedThe Beijing News has reported that an unnamed man has dropped dead after a three-day Internet gaming session.   It happened on Saturday in the cityof Guangzhou, in the south of China. The man, said to be around 30 years old, collapsed in an Internet café and was rushed to hospital. According to the newspaper, exhaustion was deemed thelikely cause and "police have ruled out the possibility of suicide.”   There’s no mention of what game had obsessed him for 72 hours.The report said that about 100 other Websurfers "left the cafe in fear after witnessing the man’s death."   Internet addiction has become a major problem in China, which, with 140 million Internet users, is second only tothe US. Several cities have clinics to treat the disease, and the government has banned the opening on new Internet cafes and issued orders limiting the time Internet users can spend gaming online.