Mark Cuban Gets Sirius Talk Show

Dallas Mavericks’ owner and all around outspoken guy Mark Cuban is coming to satellite radio, satellite radio provider Sirius announced today. They’ve exclusively signed Cuban to do a new “wide-ranging weekly talk show” for them.

Radio Maverick, the name of Cuban’s new show, will start airing this summer Sundays from 12-2 pm ET on Sirius’s channel 102 (Sirius Stars). He will reportedly take calls from listeners and chat with “prominent guests” as part of a weekly talk about sports, business and everyday life.

“I’m fired up about doing the show on SIRIUS,” said Cuban in a statement. “I plan on raising hell and covering any and all topics that I think are interesting and taking no prisoners along the way.”

“Mark Cuban is candid, animated and incredibly accomplished, having achieved extraordinary success at a young age in the worlds of business and sports,” added Scott Greenstein, Sirius’ President, Entertainment and Sports. “Radio Maverick will be a forum without limits, where he can talk to SIRIUS listeners about everything from the NBA to an MBA.”