Marvel Avengers desk is the ultimate in geeky goodness

Comic book lovers, fans of Marvel’s Avengers, and good old fashion geeks like us will no doubt love to own a piece of Marvel memorabilia with this custom made Avengers movie themed desk.

Inspired by the upcoming 2012 superhero film of the same name. The Avengers desk is the perfect avenue to display your love for the ultimate superhero team. The desk features recognizable (and authentic) items from the some of the major heroes from the Avengers like Captain America’s shield, Thor’s mighty hammer, Nick Fury’s needle gun, and Iron Man’s helmet – all of which were actual props from their respective films. In addition, the desk features representations for both the Hulk and Hawkeye with a set of “trick arrows” under glass, and a faux “gamma chamber” with heavy-duty door for the Hulk. Each contains a hidden concealed compartment with drawers and cubbies, so that the desk not only looks amazing, but functions the part as well.

Holding together all of the movie memorabilia is a faux stone material that was employed to give the desk a realistic stone-like look without increasing the weight of the custom made tribute. On top you’ll find a glass slab and internal lights for the props hidden chambers.

Created by Tom Spina of Tom Spina Designs, the Avengers desk would be welcome in almost any fans home or office, just make sure you don’t acquire any delusions of grandeur and think that you actually have superpowers while surrounded by all of these authentic superhero props.

 [Images Courtesy of Tom Spina Designs]