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Max One will wake you when your smoke alarm doesn't

Sleeping through all five of your wake-up alarms may not be ideal for that early morning meeting, but sleeping through a smoke detector alarm could have much more dire consequences. And if you have a habit of not waking up when you’re supposed to, you may be able to use a little help from a smart home device. Meet the Max One, from smart home device maker Max — it’s a new kind of safety alarm that wants to be sure that you’re awake when the alternative could be deadly.

The Max One plugs into any wall outlet and is capable of detecting the high-frequency sound emitted by many smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. While these tones may be unmissable (and indeed, infuriating), when we’re conscious, the same might not be true when we’re deep in our repose. In fact, Max says, 21 percent of young people are not actually roused by the traditional high-frequency smoke alarm sound. And if they’ve been drinking, an alarming 38.5 percent can sleep right through these sounds.

However, it would appear that lower-frequency sounds are actually more effective at getting people out of bed, and indeed, Max says, they’ve yet to encounter an individual in their own studies who has been able to ignore the alarm that the company’s smart device emits. Moreover, because the Max One also comes with a light that flashes alongside the aural component, there are multiple components working to ensure that you wake up.

Once you’re out of bed, the Max One can be removed from its wall outlet and used as a flashlight, thanks to the internal rechargeable battery that will keep the device emergency ready. Currently, the Max One can be purchased online at or from Home Depot for $39.95. A small price to pay for a device that has the potential to save you from sleeping … well, forever.

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