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Like Tinder for art, this gesture-sensing frame lets you swipe through images

merual digital art canvas screen shot 2016 07 21 at 6 11 19 pm
If the recent onslaught of electronic frames is any indication, it seems that digital art may very well be the next big thing in home decor. Hot on the heels of similar products from fledgling startups like Electric Objects and Framed, Meural entered this growing category of products last year to great fanfare, and now, it has launched its next generation of Meural Canvases.

The sleek, snazzy, network-enabled display of Meural hangs on your wall and showcases digital art. Using an accompanying smartphone app, you can load different images onto it and swap them out as you see fit. And now, the company’s upgraded software promises smoother interaction and operation, as well as a thinner build and more elegant design.

It has also kept some of its most notable features, which make it stand out from the crowd. Unlike some of its competitors, Meural is equipped with a set of motion sensors and gesture-recognition software, allowing you to change what’s on the screen by simply waving your hand through the air. Not feeling that neo-impressionist mural that’s in your living room? Just swipe right until you find something that suits your mood. It’s like Tinder for art snobs enthusiasts. 

“Our newest generation of the Meural Canvas continues our march toward democratizing art and photography,” said Vladimir Vukicevic, CEO of Meural. “We’ve gone through great pains to improve this latest batch in every way possible. The overwhelming pre-order demand is a testament to the way our product has resonated with art lovers and novices alike.” 

Meural’s high-definition LCD screen is equipped with IPS (in-plane switching) technology that boosts the picture’s viewing angle and provides more uniform color reproduction. It has also got integrated ambient light sensors that can auto-adjust the display’s brightness, so it’s never super-bright at night or barely visible during the day.

Starting at $495, Meural’s canvases allow you to keep an ever-growing collection of art on your wall, all within a single frame. So if you’re looking to introduce a little culture to your living room, this may just be the way to go.

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