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Keep your coffee at the perfect temperature with MiiR’s simple, effective tumbler

Nothing is worse on a Monday than a cold cup of coffee. You went through the effort of brewing a fresh cup as you rushed out to your car, but the drink is already too cold before your first sip. Nobody likes lukewarm coffee.

To alleviate the problem, MiiR has announced its latest tumbler. It’s a simple cup that comes in a variety of sizes, but it’s effective. Everything is in place to make sure that your Monday morning (and all your other ones) is a pleasant one.

The MiiR tumbler was designed to easily slip into your daily routine. Available in 6-, 8-, 12-, or 16-ounce sizes, the tumbler will easily fit into any cupholder. To keep the contents hot, it uses Thermo 3D Double Wall Vacuum Insulation Technology. Basically, it keeps the coffee hot while the outside stays cool to the touch.

If you prefer to drink more than just coffee from your tumbler, you won’t have to worry about residual coffee flavor. MiiR lines the inside of the tumbler with 18/8 medical-grade stainless steel. It won’t hold onto any strong flavors like coffee, and there won’t be any metallic aftertaste.

Stylistically, the tumbler is rather minimalistic. The outside is a hardshell powder coat and comes in blue, white, or black. The press-on lid is clear and works like a typical coffee cup lid. It will prevent splashing and keep the drink hot for longer, but the liquid won’t be completely sealed away.

Prices for the MiiR tumbler range from $16 for the 6-ounce model to $22 for 16 ounces. Not all the money goes straight to the company, though. MiiR gives 5 percent of its revenue to trackable giving projects through its Product to Project campaign. MiiR will help fund various projects around the world that focus on bringing water, education, and bicycles to those who need them.

Helping someone is as easy as drinking a hot cup of coffee. Isn’t that a great way to start the week?

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