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Whip up a baby bottle in 15 seconds with this smart machine

There are few things more precious to new parents than sleep. Maybe the baby herself, but that’s about it. So anything that makes those nighttime feedings easier is likely to be a boon to delirious moms and dads.

Wicoz wants to ease parents’ pain with Milk Nanny, it’s smart baby bottle appliance. Sure, the name’s a little creepy, but that doesn’t change the fact that lots of our child-rearing friends will probably want one. In the time it takes Junior to cry and wake the parents, and for one of them to throw on a robe, the other can mash a few buttons on his or her smartphone and have a perfectly measured and warmed baby bottle waiting.

Milk Nanny App
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For those parents who use baby formula (this machine is obviously not going to work for those who shun the powdered stuff), the Milk Nanny takes about 15 seconds to measure out the powder and water, then heat and de-clump the resulting formula. The water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit then cools to between 104 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit, based on the formula’s specifications. The water stays at that temperature and can’t be changed by the user, because it’s based on the formula maker’s directions. You scan the formula container’s barcode using the Milk Nanny app on your phone, and the machine pulls the information from its database.

The device also has a temperature sensor, so it will make the formula a little warmer or cooler based on the ambient temp, so the bottle won’t cool as fast in the winter.

It’s a self-cleaning machine, according to the manufacturer. Some of the hot water is reserved to clean the tubes after each step in the formula-making process. There’s also UV technology to help kill germs. However, the components are removable but not dishwasher-safe.

The machine works with Haier’s U+ platform, which has a partnership with Apple’s HomeKit. Eventually, Wicoz hopes you’ll be able to control its device from Siri. 

There are other formula makers already available, but Wicoz claims theirs is the first connected one and that thanks to its three-step process, the formula comes out with fewer lumps. Before it pours into the mixing tank, a corkscrew-like tool grinds the powder up even finer. Once in the tank, a blender-style rotary device combines the powder and water. Finally, the formula travels to the even-flow dispenser before flowing into the bottle. It also has an adjustable tray to fit a variety of bottle sizes.

The company is planning to launch a Kickstarter on January 28, hoping to raise $100,000. When the device launches in May, it will cost $199.

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